Western European Projects

Restoration of a Section on the Ulf Stream (Belgium)

This restoration project involved reinstating a channeled section of river to improve the habitat for fish, which are an important source of food for otters. (European Life project).

Environmental River Work for the Amspin Sluice on the Meuse:
Fish Pass with Spawning Areas and River Bank Restoration (Belgium)

SAR Consult was providing environmental expertise linked to the new sluice structure for 4500 tons barges developed by the experts from Greisch and Tractebel Engineering (with IMDC).


New Meanders in Luxembourg

The scope of this study was to draft a comprehensive pre-feasibility note for the restoration of 300m of the Tretterbach river, located in Northern Luxemburg.

Flood Management Plan in River Houille. Environmental Aspects.
P2IH Project (France-Belgium)

SAR Consult was providing environmental expertise linked to the anti-flooding structures developedby the IMDC hydraulics experts.


Restoring Four Cyprinid Spawning Areas in the Mehaigne Watershed (Belgium)

SAR Consult design and manage the construction works for the restoration of 4 major cyprinidspawning areas in the Mehaigne Valley (European FEP project).


50 new meanders for the Geer River (Belgium) 

The idea was to create special habitats for biodiversity with the a complete river restoration project