Biodiversity Monitoring

Our company has developed a range of tools and specific knowledge to monitor biodiversity. We monitor macro invertebrates, fish, aquatic plants and other species of fauna/flora and offer innovative solutions based on your project's needs.

Our ongoing fish habitat monitoring systems use the best available technology in pit tagging systems.

Complete diagnosis is made before and after river works/wetland creation and provide important scientific information allowing us to evaluate the projects impact and effectiveness.

Construction – Aquatic Works

We implement a range of river and wetland work, using our crane operator with 8 and 22 ton machines. River restoration, fish habitat improvement, and wetland creation are our special areas of expertise.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We have developed expertise in impact assessments for different kinds of projects, in particular for Natura 2000 sites. As well as providing environmental assessments for wetlands, rivers and streams we also provide EIAs for stone quarries, dams, etc. We also provide expertise and advice for monitoring  sediments.

Fish Pass and Dam Removal

We have designed various fish passes in Western Europe, taking all constraints into consideration. We tend to favour cost effective systems that contribute to the sustainable future of our waterways.

Fish Shelters

Stream And River Consult has a range of patented fish shelters for rivers, lakes and sea. Our fish shelters are the results of a lengthy research and development project together with hours of observation in nature and we pride ourselves on our ongoing innovation. Artificial fish shelters are a solution when constraints are too big for a complete ecosystem restoration, or as mitigation solutions, or to increase fish populations and locally protect high fish density (e.g. fish pass/cormorant).

River restoration

We take care of your project at all levels, and provide expertise with excellence and work strategically with our partners in hydraulic and construction.

Subaquatic movie

Our collaboration with the talented and award-winning Philippe Laforge results in high quality subaquatic movies based on his renowned knowledge, experience and specialised equipment. 

We also develop innovative monitoring based on underwater footage or drones for land management.

Wetland creation and management

We work collaboratively to plan and develop individual projects,whether it's a small pond, large lake or wetland and everything in between.  We will implement and manage each part of your project: diagnostic, design (plan), permits, works, monitoring.