Newsletter July 2015 (English)

Among the various topics managed by SAR Consult (river habitat restoration, fish pass, creation of wetlands, …), we present one of the projects on which we are working, namely the design of the fish pass of the sluice Ampsin -Neuville on the river Meuse. The fish ladder is unusual with several hundred meters, a flow of 5 to 8 m3/s, and has the form of a natural river with meanders. Its innovative aspect is to allow spawning species such as barbel and nase in the gravel bed.

Specific river works on the Meuse banks are also planned with the creation of shoals and coastal areas for maximum biodiversity!

Still on the theme of the fish migration, SAR Consult conducted in parallel a consultancy mission for the construction of two multi-species fish ladder on the Semois river in the center of the historic town of Bouillon making sure to also integrate heritage and landscape issues.

Posted: Wed 29 Jul 2015