About Us

Our team is passionate about waterways and enjoys a range of recreation and conservation opportunities they offer. We dive, swim, explore, fish and kayak.  In other words we have a great appreciation of outdoor recreation and around the world we work around the world to protect and enhance our waterways. 

Stream And River Consult was created in 2009 by Ir. Sebastien Den Doncker, then an expert consultant for private companies, and the manager of the River Contracts in Wallonia (2003-2007).  

In 2007, Sebastien began consulting for wetland restoration projects and created the first experimental spawning areas in Wallonia for native trout and graylings. In 2008, Sebastien was an expert for the GIPPA association and helped to manage the European Fund for Fisheries in Wallonia.

Sebastien is an expert advisor for the water commission, Natura 2000 local commission and a member of many related boards and councils (Fisheries, FetB association). He is also the president of the Riwal association. 

Stream And River Consult is proud to offer and provide quality services in Western Europe and Africa. Our professional team of scientists have a deep understanding of environmental issues, projects and solutions. 

Since 2007 more than 30 projects have been undertaken. Recently SAR Consult's activities have also concentrated on developing innovative solutions for fish habitats through research in the USA and New Zealand.